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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lib Dem Simon Hughes Says... Or Should That Be "Dictates"?

Simon Hughes - in the running for my Creep of the Week Award...

Responding to the House of Commons Scottish Affairs Select Committee report into the 'West Lothian' question, Liberal Democrat Shadow Constitutional Affairs Secretary, Simon Hughes said:

"Liberal Democrats agree that devolution so far is work in progress and unfinished business. Much greater power to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has been part of our campaign for years. However, we must now concentrate on handing down power to people in England as well. The new constitutional settlement must work not just for England, but the whole of the UK.

"The break-up of the UK is out of the question. By next year we will come forward with proposals for serious devolution in England. There is also a strong case for parliamentary constituencies across the UK mainland to have the same population. We will not let this issue go away."

Oh Simon - why bother stating that the new constitution "must work not just for England but for the whole of the UK"? So far, devolution has persistently worked against England and your party has been quite happy to let it. All we seek is parity with Scotland! Why keep sucking up to those who already have a much better deal elsewhere in the UK? Why not a bit of outrage about the democratic deficit currently levelled against the 50 million people in England?

Why was "much greater power" for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland part of your party's campaign "for years", and England left by the wayside? Why wasn't parity for the UK nations Lib Dem devolution policy from the start? It only is now because the English electorate is starting to question the situation.

So your party's proposals for "serious devolution" in England will be with us "by next year"? Why's that, then? All we need is an English Parliament. Parity with Scotland. Perhaps independence. Perhaps a federal UK.

And the "break up of the UK is out of the question"? Why? Because Simon says? Because the Liberal Democrats say? It's good to know that everything is open to debate in these post-democratic times, and that the electorate is in the driving seat.

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