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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Why Tony Blair won't fly England's flag...

According to Tony Blair's spokesperson, he will not be following UK Culture Minister Tessa Jowell's lead in flying the England flag from his car because of his "particular circumstances".

What are these? Is it because he's Scottish? (yes, he is - you can't deny it!).

Is it because he's PM of the whole of the so-called "UK"? If so, as he's declared his own country, Scotland, a "proud, historic nation," and given it its own parliament, and Wales its own assembly, both with First Ministers avidly supporting those countries' sports teams, the least Blair could do is fill in here and fly the flag for the England.

But no. Obviously, consideration for his own country, as always, comes first. No matter that he's already given Scotland its own parliament and Scots MPs are dictating government policy in England. Blair knows that a minority of his fellow country people will be outraged if he flies England's flag and he doesn't want to upset his own.

And he has no loyalty to us.

Blair won't even wave a little flag for England. Underneath it, lies hatred and contempt for our country. We need our own First Minister. Our own parliament.

The break-up of England, entirely undemocratic "regionalisation" of this country, lies just round the coorner if we're left in the hands of the Nu Labour Project.

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