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Friday, June 09, 2006

The England Flag To Be Flown At Downing Street...

What do you know? Apparently, Tony Blair has backtracked and the Cross of St George is to fly from 10 Downing Street when England is playing in the World Cup.

Well, I'm stunned!

I was going to write in my last article on the subject: If Blair ever agrees to the flying of the Cross of St George for any reason, I'll eat the underpants I'm wearing at that moment.

So glad I didn't.

Thanks to
Tommy English for pointing the way to this article by Boris Johnson in the Telegraph, too.

Interesting times.

There's just one thing: win, lose or draw, whatever the outcome of the World Cup for England, the people of this country must continue to campaign for England afterwards.

To campaign for a fair settlement now that democratic devolution has been granted to Wales and Scotland.

England, it must be remembered, has, by contrast, been chopped up into unelected regional assemblies.

We must all campaign for our own national parliament to represent us, the people of England.

Like dear old Scotland.

If not, the abolition of England via New Labour dictate lies just around the corner.

Our ambulance services have been regionalised.

Next our police forces will be.

Then our county councils will be abolished.

Over 1,000 years of history will be abolished as our counties cease to exist.

"She's a lassie from Lancashire"?

Not any more.

In England's place will be nine EU regions, bordering on the far better financed and democratically represented "proud, historic nations" of Scotland and Wales.

This is truth and it's going to happen if the people of England decide to put England to the backs of their minds until the next World Cup.

Don't let it.

There's much more to England than just a football team.

This blog is supportive of the aims of the Campaign for an English Parliament, but is in no way connected.