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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

PC Trendy Janet Street-Porter, Anglophobe Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and the joys of "Desmond's"...

I have just seen a video of the comedy series, Desmond's, which first hit our screens in January 1989. Ah, nostalgia! I enjoyed this series, which ran until the mid-1990s, the first time round.

Depicting life at a Peckham barber shop run by a West Indian family, headed by Desmond Ambrose and his wife Shirley, and with a predominately black cast, Desmond's spoke of cultural differences not just between black and white characters, but also amongst the blacks only. However, the black and white clasped hands in the opening titles spoke of a greater unity.

In one episode, Shirley's sister, on a visit from the West Indies, questioned Desmond's desire to retire home. He ate fish and chips! Hadn't he became rather "English" (note: not "British"). Desmond's English-born son rapped about being the best - because he came from Peckham!

Desmond's was funny, but often thought provoking. It didn't shy away from issues like racism. But at the back of it was a sense of optimism - of people being people. Of hope.

Compare that to nowadays, with New Labour and its assorted politically correct morons doing all they can to destroy unity with their "multicultural" claptrap. Yes, we must respect each others' cultures, but you cannot have various groups living in a vacuum. There has to be integration too. And why does the indigenous culture of England have to be denigrated by the PC crowd at every opportunity? Morris dancing? "oh dear," (sneer); fish 'n' chips? "I prefer a curry," (sneer) - and so on.

What is it with the PC crowd? We know some PC folk are members of the Scottish Raj, so their stance is self-explanatory. But what about the likes of Janet Street Porter? What motivates her to infer that people flying the St George's flag are oiks? Rank snobbery? Surely not left-over Imperialist guilt? The Empire was British and its flag was the Union flag!

Trevor Phillips, of the Commission for Racial Equality, spoke out a couple of years ago, claiming that the concept of multiculturalism had not worked and was now a thing of the past. The government, terrified at the prospect of any increased unity in England, quickly announced that changes may be made to the CRE.

This was a thinly veiled threat, effectively silencing the organisation, and turning it into a another government propaganda agency, squeaking "Britishness!" or "Multiculturalism!" at every opportunity.

Mr Phillips, who a few years ago described himself as a black Englishman, proud to wear a rose on St George's Day, does not speak out like that nowadays.

Meanwhile, New Labour encourages Scottish and Welsh culture and discriminates against England at every opportunity.

Yes, if you live in England you will endure lower public spending than in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales.

Yes, if you live in England, Tony Blair will appoint people to key English ministries who are not democratically accountable to you.

Yes, if you live in England, New Labour will carve up your country into non-democratic Regional Assemblies, despite the massive "NO" vote in the North East, the only area of the country allowed a referendum. The government will also, for good measure, regionalise your ambulance services and police forces, making both into much larger, distant and more unaccountable services. You won't be consulted, either. You will be fed a load of nonsense that the police forces must regionalise because of the threat of terrorism. But in Scotland police forces are becoming smaller. Surely, we shouldn't be leaving Scotland open to the threat of terrorism?

Or is the "terrorism" claim just another load of clap trap, to force us to have what we do not want at the behest of the Scottish Raj currently ruling England?

If you live in England, New Labour will allow Scottish MPs to overturn the votes of your MPs (as with foundation hospitals and top-up fees) and force legislation on you.

It seems to me that the politically correct ramblings of the likes of Janet Street-Porter, Vince Cable and resident Anglophobe Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, are simply designed to cloud the issues and create hatred and division. Alibhai-Brown is particularly vehement, having elected herself as spokesperson for immigrants to this country. She goes around claiming that they are more comfortable with a "British" than an "English" nationality tag, and slagging England and the English off at every opportunity.

We're to blame for everything - the British Empire, the lot. Alibhai Brown's knowledge of our history is of bog standard, it would seem. She comes across as opinionated but uninformed. An anti-English bigot, in fact. She never attacks the Scottish or Welsh, although the Scots were disproportionately involved in the Empire and a recent BBC show, Scotland's Empire, was certainly no apologists' piece.

Alibhai-Brown hysterically demonises Englishness and England only, because she is a devout coward and knows that the Scottish and Welsh would not tolerate her attacks.

So, no unity for England. And increasingly non-democratic government, too.

Whoever you are, whatever your race, creed or colour, if you are a citizen of England get wise. This abuse by the British state has gone on long enough.

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