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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sainsburys - "Official England Supermarket" and Gigantic Hypocrite


This is one of the "big two" supermarkets (Tesco being the other) which won't even acknowledge England's existence the rest of the time! Remember the Sainsbury's casserole packs - with: "carrots from Lincolnshire, UK; Onions from Lincolnshire, UK; Swede from Fife, Scotland; Turnip from Fife, Scotland..."

Check out how Sainsbury's submerges England as "UK", yet acknowledges Scotland across its various lines. And then tell me how it qualifies to be "official supermarket" of England's national football team?

And as for Tesco - that store will not feature the Cross of St George on English products, but is happily raking in the profits selling St George's flags and other items to cash in on football fever.

I'd actually feel very disloyal to England, buying any football-related merchandise from either Sainsbury's or Tesco.

Both stores are actually England-hating hypocrites.

Think about it. Don't buy.


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