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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Victoria Derbyshire

Paid for by your licence fee, another BBC PC ignoramus prepares to broadcast to the nations and regions. Don't let it vex you - you HAVE to pay her salary.

I've no time for radio presenter Victoria Derbyshire - I remember a St George's Day debate she was involved in a few years ago, where she harassed a black English caller - trying to get him to state that he was not English, but British, everybody was British, including her. The man refused to back down, fortunately, but it rather put me off Victoria.

Now, as concerns grow about the impact of recent mass immigration on schools, Ms Derbyshire is showing her concern and in-depth grasp of the facts relating to the situation on 5 Live...

Here's a snippet relayed by the
Waendal Journal:

Caller: "In one school children are speaking 34 different languages!"

La Derbyshire: "Is that a problem?"

Good grief, what planet do some of these people live on? It's all so oblivious, smug and removed from reality.

Reminds me of Trevor Phillips' recent statement about David Cameron's speech on immigration:

"He is asking the 21st Century question about immigration. But unfortunately, he is giving the 20th Century answer in proposing that all of these issues can be solved by capping numbers.

"Rather, we need to meet head on the challenges of rapid and diverse population growth.

"We need to find ways to capitalise on the injection of energy that new migrants bring and bolster our infrastructure and public services to cope with the new demands."

Words like "small island" and "jobs" and "financing" come to mind. Also, employers paying slave wages to immigrants. This is not a desirable state of affairs. This is not how things should be.

And just what are the practicalities and the impact on our environment of Mr Phillips' desire to play Lord Bountiful? Just how does he know that everything in the garden is/will be lovely when he hardly ever experiences real life as lived by the vast majority of us?

A friend of mine who lives in a council flat, had his kitchen renovated last month. One of the workmen, a recent Polish immigrant, spoke to my friend about the wondrous publicity in his homeland about coming to work in England (his term).

"The money seemed very good, but nobody told me how expensive it is here - I can barely afford to live and I can't send any money home."

Instead of slating "idle English" people who won't take poorly paid jobs, this Government should be ensuring that employers pay living wages - and stop importing slave labour.

Then there are those long-term inhabitants who feel the effects of rapid mass immigration. One woman I spoke to recently told me she feels "displaced" at times. New Labour and the PC crowd would pronounce her "racist" or a "Little Englander", but the fact is it is these same New Labour/PC folks who have backed national bodies for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, charged with "invigorating" those countries traditional cultures, and also created dreadful inequalities like health apartheid and the West Lothian Question.

Double standards and rank hypocrisy.

Immigration? Yes. A thousand time yes. I'd hate to live in a stagnant pond. The current situation? No - it's absolute madness, we're too small, not wealthy enough and a lot of it is happening against the will of the electorate. What is New Labour trying to do? The slave labour angle is obvious, but are they also trying to create such a state of flux here that their chances of retaining power are enhanced? If you don't like the electorate (and let's not pretend that New Labour has any affection for England), change it? With record numbers leaving the country, I can't help wondering.

Big hat tip to Tony Sharp over at the
Waendal Journal.

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  1. Ending the simultaneous importation and exploitation of migrant workers and taking on the employers means leaving the EU - which is set up to promote the free movement of labour and capital. Scrapping the disasterous neoliberal economic policies is something which none of the big parties would be up for, they all get their dough from plutocrats...