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Monday, November 19, 2007

Some Scots MPs Would Like To See England Abolished...

Despite the North East, the only area of England allowed a referendum, voting 78% NO to regionalisation, Ian Davidson, a Scots constituency MP totally unaccountable to the electorate in England, believes that England should be abolished as a unified nation.

"I think the proposals that we had before for regional assemblies seemed to me to be a way forward.

The ‘English votes for English issues’ proposal is a recipe for some degree of chaos. We should be looking for some way of devolving power to the English regions. The first time we had a referendum for the Scottish Parliament, we didn’t get it - so just because the referendum in the north-east [of England] went against the plan, it doesn’t mean it should be rejected completely."
Ian Davidson, Labour MP for Glasgow, reported in the Scotsman.

You can let Mr Davidson know your opinion over at the
Scotsman. His phone number is 0207 219 2610.

Regional devolution to England does not solve the West Lothian Question. The internal government of England, whether it should be delivered by our ancient counties, regional bodies or something else, should be decided by MPs representing the people of England in its own national parliament, not by non-representative MPs in the current UK parliament. I boggle at the attitude of some these Scots MPs - it's incredibly arrogant. England's own national parliament is the first priority for restoring democratic rule to the so-called "UK".

Hat tip to the
CEP News Blog and the England Project.

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