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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Scots Who Still Won't See The Injustice Of Devolution And English MPs Who Won't Do Their Jobs...

In the Scotsman today...

This is funny:

“The Union has to be seen as looser, more flexible, more diverse and modern and in turn allow the issues at the heart of devolved government - sovereignty, identity, democracy and nationality - to be better understood and made more relevant to Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.”

Despite the first three nations already being showered with devolution goodies, despite the fact that health apartheid is rampant, England is still last on the list.

And this is sickening:

“It [the Union} has within it different nations and regions with views and attitudes towards the Union that vary widely.”

The Union is not composed of regions.

It’s time England was independent. That certain Scots still think they can seek to impose a different set of rules on England to those enjoyed by themselves, and all this posturing and preening -
“Scot of The Year” - I mean YUCK!! - shows that insight and fair mindedness is far too lacking for the Union to continue.

When you put these people together with the selfish and greedy English MPs, refusing to act in the interests of their constituents, the message is clear:

End the “Union”.

Then Scots meddlers can mind THEIR OWN business and English MPs will be forced to get on with WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING - representing their constituents’ interests in England.

You never know, the "Scot of the Year" might actually be somebody who lacks the bigoted "auld enemy" mentality and actually sets in motion an end to the devolutionary mess... but don't bank on it.

Big hat tip to the
CEP News Blog.

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