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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Come To Wales - Come To Chester...

The Scottish/Welsh imperialist project is getting ridiculous. First we read that the Scots have colonised England, then we discover that the Welsh have taken Chester. The postmark above is absolutely bloody daft and should not exist, but it has greatly upset one CEP member, who sent it to Drew and Fiona with the command "Send in the troops!"

Ironically, the postmark was on an envelope containing the latest CEP "Think of England" newsletter...


  1. Greg from Cumbria17 November, 2007 03:56

    On top of this we have the Welsh getting free medical prescriptions and everything else. We can worry.

    There is a strong element of fascism in this. Some racist, "Celtic" elite notion amongst the Welsh and Scots which figures more in all this than we give credit. There is an awful lot of anti English hatred and bigotry present amongst these so-called "pure breeds".

  2. Greg's comment reminds me of the BBC's family history TV programme and magazine "Who Do You Think You Are?" Strange title - surely you know who are, and your background genes make no difference to this? But if you're English the BBC can try and brainwash you into believing that your forebears make all the difference and that you are not.

    Although in the North East referendum 78% voted "NO" to regionalisation, the "Who Do You Think You Are?" site has a map of Britain with England dispersed into these regions. Surely the BBC should be impartial and this should not be so? England county by county would have been fine - and fairer size regarding population wise.

    WDYTYA has recently been discovered to have staged scenes and mangled data (Carol Vorderman, the presenter, is said to be horrified).

    The magazine contains brainwashing tips about family history research. Did you know that researching local news via the newspapers of years ago is probably not a great idea? No, apparently it is not a good avenue for REGIONAL news because most papers focused on London and national news? That's according to the BBC.

    Surely, such papers are not a good idea for researching news relevant to your REGION as REGIONS did not exist - and they STILL DON'T. They have not been sanctioned by the electorate!!

    The BBC is terrible. A Government yapdog, out to corrupt and breainwash the population of Britain and ethnically cleanse Englishness from this land.