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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

England 2007

An England 2007 tweaking of a scene from the charming 1979 film, "Alien". Apologies to the squeamish. It was the best photograph of Gordon Brown I could find at short notice.

I sometimes think the “Britain”/UK Government thing is like that scene from “Alien” - with the UK Government “thing” bursting from the stomach of England and killing it stone dead.

The UK Government is something that doesn’t seek to serve England. Come to that, I’m sure it’s now regretting devolution for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The UK Government is something very ugly, very self serving, very dangerous. It exists for itself, its own perpetuation is its prime concern. It is in no way a representative organisation, it is a monster, its primitive instincts completely egocentric.

As well as killing off the country of England by imposing regionalisation, the UK Government is quite content to play favourites so that English citizens can die whilst Scottish citizens do not as health apartheid spreads.

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