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Monday, November 05, 2007

Trevor Phillips Says Everything's Lovely - Let's Have Loads More Immigrants, Peter "Apartheid" Hain Slags Off Nigel Hastilow... Hypocrisy Rules...

Peter Hain - only backs apartheid when it is levelled against the electorate in England.

I believe that Nigel Hastilow was an absolute twit. Sorry, Nigel, not that I imagine my thoughts will cost you a wink of sleep, but it seems to me that apparently condoning a speech perceived by many to be racist is a fool way of going about opening up the issue of mass immigration. And plays right into New Labour's hands.

"You racist!" screams that party, which has put into place a system of devolution which ensures you can die in England for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland. "You racist!" screams that party which has put into place a system of devolution that ensures you can scrimp and save for prescription charges free to millionaires in Wales. "You racist!" screams that party which has put into place a system of devolution that ensures non-representative MPs, MPs representing a privileged elite outside of England, including Gordon Brown, Prime Minister, can dictate policy for England.
And apparently Peter Hain, digging up cricket pitches in his native South Africa in 1969 in protest at apartheid, but fully backing it when it is levelled against the electorate in England, has also been having his two penny worth.

How sickening. The hypocrite's hypocrite.

But I find comments like this from NuLabour "Equality" quango poodle Trevor Phillips far more worrying...

Speaking of David Cameron's speech on immigration, Mr Phillips said:

"He is asking the 21st Century question about immigration. But unfortunately, he is giving the 20th Century answer in proposing that all of these issues can be solved by capping numbers.

"Rather, we need to meet head on the challenges of rapid and diverse population growth.

"We need to find ways to capitalise on the injection of energy that new migrants bring and bolster our infrastructure and public services to cope with the new demands."

Words like "small island" and "jobs" and "financing" come to mind. Also, employers paying slave wages to immigrants. This is not a desirable state of affairs. This is not how things should be.

And just what are the practicalities and the impact on our environment of Mr Phillips' desire to play Lord Bountiful? Just how does he know that everything in the garden is/will be lovely when he hardly ever experiences real life as lived by the vast majority of us?

Something else that springs to mind, as with Mr Hain and the NuLabour Party in general, is Mr "Human Rights" Phillips apparent complete approval of the health and democratic apartheid levelled against England, post-devolution for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Like Mr Hain, Trevor Phillips is a complete and utter hypocrite. I wonder how these New Labour minions sleep nights.
Evil, deceitful, self-serving bunch.

Rant over.


  1. Nowhere does Trevor Phillips attempt to explain how uncontrolled mass immigration can be sustained, nowhere does he answer the concerns of the people. He is just way ahead, way above us - if you don't agree with him, you are 20th Century. He is enlightened. A man of today. A man of the future. Really your views don't matter. HE knows.

    In reality the man's a Nulabour puppet, totally corrupt and unscrupulous - he sold his principles up the river years ago in favour of luxury and a fat gut fed by corruption and lies.

  2. Greg from Cumbria06 November, 2007 10:47

    I reckon this is the second or third time a Tory MP has stuck his foot in his gob over the immigration issue. Result: New Labour climbs into its pulpit and cries "racist!", and the true issues of Government mismanagement of immigration and its extraordinary hatred of the English and England, allowing them/it absolutely no constitutional recognition, is lost in the woodwork.

    It's clever, but only if the electorate isn't concentrating too hard. For those that happen to be tuned in, the rank hypocrisy and posturing of New Labour is utterly sickening.

  3. But this Government discriminates against the English electorate all the time. No national representation. Democratic deficit. Cancer drugs with held. Lower spending...

    I could go on.

    What is this government's right to clamber up onto the moral high ground and call OTHERS racist?

  4. Its a rotten situation and the Campaign for An English Parliament is about much use as a chocolate teapot - it will only consider a parliament within the union; it considers the Union more important than the lives of us with no dosh struggling along as second rate UK citizens - the worst affected by Broon's apartheid regime.