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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Anti-English Channel Four Lies Again...

Channel Four is at it again, back on its old familiar anti-English track, blurring and muddying the facts of devolution. By delving into spending between the English regions, by trying to state that Scotland owns all the North Sea Oil and should benefit from it, by generally playing down the West Lothian Question.

The "English regions" are part of England and do not benefit from the Barnett Formula. The English have never voted for regionalisation. These government-imposed regions should not come into the equation. England is a unified nation. Its county (and note I say COUNTY) spending allocations should be sorted via a nationally representative parliament. Not the current UK set-up, with non- representative MPs (like Gordon Brown) holding sway.

All UK resources should go into the UK pot, but if we're on the subject of North Sea oil and gas, the majority of the gas is England's, and about ten per cent of the oil - probably more if tales of the UK Government tweaking the maritime border in the 1960s are true.

Channel Four doesn't dwell on health apartheid, makes light of the West Lothian Question, which should serve to underline the fact that its loyalties do not lie with the people of England. As if we needed reminding - this is the whole back catalogue, as recorded on this blog.

What's most disturbing is the bare faced twisting of facts and smugly anti-English stance of this TV channel. Time and time again.

Still, as this was the channel which set out to be different and succeeded - bringing us the likes of The Mini Pops and Big Brother, perhaps I shouldn't be surprised.

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  1. They have been distorting the facts ever since devolution came in, but it has not stopped the rise of English Nationalism nor will they. The internet has played a major role in educating the public to what new labour's little game is. They don't stand a chance.