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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Robert Hazell

Robert Hazell, Director of the Constitution Unit - habitual liar who has done great harm to the prospects of democratic rule for the people of England over a long period of time.

I'm picking Mr Hazell out for particular comment because he wandered into my sights this morning, via this BBC article, spouting the great lie, not for the first time, and I wished to let him know that we are looking. We are hearing. The electorate in England has awoken from its coma and the kind of manipulative nonsense he and his like have been spouting for years is now being noted and seen for what it is by large numbers of people beyond his priviliged clique.

From this morning's BBC online article:

The “closest to a complete answer” would be a separate English Parliament but no “heavyweight” politicians had come out in support of such a move and there was “no significant public demand for that,” he told MPs on Tuesday.”

“No significant public demand”? When last I looked there were polls showing sixty one to sixty seven per cent in favour of an English parliament! The BBC's own poll in January this year showed sixty one per cent (see it here).

What WOULD be “significant” in your view, Mr Hazell?

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