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Friday, January 04, 2008

The Scot-Brit Rulers Of England

Interesting times. UK PLC takes precedence over equality for the people of England, David Heath, MP, from Nick Clegg's brave "new" Liberal Democrats Party, has asserted, NO English Parliament (the majority appear to want it? Well TOUGH!!) and Gordon Brown has announced an NHS Constitution - but ONLY for England, although he has tried not to mention the fact. His own constituents in his Scottish homeland will not be affected one jot by what he does. And it never seems to be mentioned that health outside of England is far better funded.

As the Scot-Brit establishment works to keep England dissolved and the English under the thumb, as English MPs lick arse (have you seen Jack Straw's brown neck?) and ride the gravy train, Gordy is intriguingly referring to "responsibilities" before one qualifies for NHS treatment in England. This will not apply elsewhere. Having free marketed the health and social care services in England (ever heard of an odious Government agency called "Supporting People", which promises vulnerable adults in supported housing schemes across England much if they become de-registered, then savagely slashes staffing and other budgets to keep things "competitive", leaving people with histories of mental illness and institutionalisation to basically fend for themselves for long hours, particularly at night?), Nu Labour now intends to see that the people of England DESERVE NHS treatment.

If not, what? If you're too fat, used to/do smoke, etc, are a drug addict, what then? What's the message from the Scottish Raj at Westminster? "Drop dead, sassenach bastard!" seems to be the answer.

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  1. I've written to all the Shadow Ministers for Health, Education and Housing asking them to request that Gordon Brown says 'England' when he is talking about the NHS England (or English housing or education).

    I don't suppose they will be bothered but you never know, perhaps they are too stupid to realise why he says 'our country' instead of England.