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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Don't You Just Wish Google And The Rest Of The PC Crowd Would F*ck Off?

As a care worker I'm not on holiday. In fact, it's likely to be a very busy time for me. But I will make time to attend a Christmas church service and pull a Christmas cracker.

But the above and other ridiculous motifs, with a "happy holidays from Google" tag, are what the slimiest, most politically correct, patronising and thought controlling search engine in the world are marking Christmas with.

The vast majority of people will be celebrating Christmas. But it's not good for us to have that fact recognised.

Christ, I hate Google!

Hasten the day when we see an end to these idiots trying to submerge our culture and control our lives in the name of "inclusiveness". I note it's not ethnic minority groups carrying out the vanquishing of Christmas - it's the usual smug, superior and arrogant arseholes who consider themselves above the common herd, above following tradition or endorsing any particular religion.

Rant over.

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