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Friday, January 18, 2008

David Marquand

Over at Our Kingdom, Mr Marquand claims that England must have a "moral vision" before qualifying for democratic rule. By that, he means converting to his own warped version of "socialism". "Think as I do". Mr Maquand then applauds the Scots and Welsh for their own visions.

Rubbish. The Scottish and Welsh nationalist movements are riddled with misconceptions of the past and Anglophobia.

The current set up is racist, pure and simple. The last time I checked (back in the days of the CRE) racism could be on grounds of nationality! Just think, people can die in England for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland, the English public services and NHS are underfunded, other UK MPs foist legislation onto England, people in England scrape together money for prescriptions available free to millionaires in Wales.

It’s spite - some kind of “pay back” for perceived injustices in the past. These “injustices” are far from clear cut when closely examined. It’s simply that the perceived wrongs of “Britain” are heaped upon England.

There is no noble vision. It is a racist elite (the pure “Celt” thing is terrifying and inaccurate) ruling a “great unwashed”. That people cannot see the racist element in all this worries me intensely.

England must have its own parliament.

David Marquand is an arrogant racist, out to butter his own parsnips in seeking to ensure that the current undemocratic and corrupt system of governance is upheld.

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