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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

BBC Propaganda - Again

Over at the Waendal Journal, Tony has been a witness to a slab of BBC propaganda, this time from Mark Easton, "Home Editor", happily giving his own opinion regarding recent record levels of immigration on air. Read it here.

Fiona this morning caught part of the feature on that issue - hard-pressed maternity services struggling to cope with the recent huge rise in immigration, being covered on BBC breakfast TV. Fiona heard a female reporter saying something along the lines of: "It's ironic that without migrant workers the hospitals would not be staffed."

Chris Abbott has written of his concerns about migrant workers being used as slave labour, and as all three of us here sometimes work in nursing roles in NHS run hospitals in England, we can definitely add that this latest BBC statement is yet another piece of spin and propaganda.

The reason for high numbers of immigrant workers in jobs in the English NHS is that the work pays so appallingly, and after many years of cut-backs, which have accelerated beyond belief under New Labour, nursing and care work are no longer an option for many seeking a satisfying career.

So, people just arriving here are used and abused to keep up staff numbers.

The BBC increasingly beggars belief.

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