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Monday, January 21, 2008

Our Kingdom: The Trouble With Fascists

The mind boggles. “Our Kingdom”, which has published some of the most ghastly, anti-English drivel known to humankind, has moved to smack a pathetic fascist on the nose with the headline English fascist.

Of course, the e-mail writer was wrong, but if we published articles about every drop of anti-English drivel we receive at WENAP, it would run and run. There would be about two dozen articles on this blog entitled "Scots/Welsh Fascist" and a couple entitled "Cornish Fascist". We have received e-mails about how pure the "Celts" are and how mongrel are the English!

Nobody should condone fascism. And yet publishing material about how England doesn’t deserve equality because it apparently has no moral vision and articles presenting its history in a purely negative light is all fine and dandy for those lovely upstanding folks at Our Kingdom.

Our rights to make decisions about how our country is governed, to have equality in health care, democratic representation, etc are poison to Our Kingdom. We have been stunned at some of the material they have published.

And what's all this bizarre waffle about the "Celts" and "Celtic nations" which the site happily lets pass? Surely, English, Welsh and Scots are nationalities, not races/pure ethnicities?

We thinks there are more than a few British anti-English/England fascists behind the scenes at Our Kingdom. It shocks us that they cannot see their own faults.

Two wrongs don’t make a right!

Drew and Fiona (in Chris Abbott's absence)

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