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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yellow Swordfish: If In Doubt Blame The '80s!

When Yellow Swordfish finds a car parked almost in the middle of the road, he blames the 1980s! Yes, the selfish '80s, you know, that quaint decade of inner city riots, CND marches, environmental protest, Red Wedge, etc, now reviled as the cause of all modern ills.

In the early ’70s, my neighbour used to park his car on the pavement, completely blocking our gate. In fact, there were cars on the pavement all over our road, blocking pram, pushchair and wheelchair users and forcing them onto the road. And this was 1972!! What does Yellow Swordfish blame it on? Ted Heath? The 1970s 1950s revival? Sorry, the ’80s were crap, but they just weren’t that influential as to be able to extend their influence backwards. Until we start looking to now and ceasing the priggish, hypocritical nonsense about the ’80s, we’re going nowhere.

I was vehemently anti-Thatcher - but that's the difference between the '80s and now, people were vehement then, not always looking to blame the past and write a load of harping nonsense!

Yellow Swordfish writes of more "innocent times" before the '80s. I do hope he's not referring to the '70s - one look at the media of that decade reveals one very sorry truth: the '70s and '80s go hand-in-hand as possibly the two naffest decades of the twentieth century - the so-called '70s revival has been bolstered up to the hilt with '60s and '80s pop culture, and the actually rather non-influential '80s, complete with pantomime hair and daft clothes and pantomime "boom" era, have made such a wonderfully convenient scapegoat for the woes of now.

Including bizarre people parking their cars in the middle of the road, it seems.


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  1. For a start, political correctness started to kick in with the feminist movement back in the 60's. It's also been said that the hippies of the 60's were the prototype yuppies - their motto being "individuality - do your own thing and stuff society!" Youthful idealism is fine, but they spent an awful lot of time enjoying themselves.

    And what about the 70's? When you read the papers of the time, you discover a truly bloody horrible era.

    Personally I liked the 80's. People had the bollocks to stand up for what they believed in, and people today forget that the "money" thing came after a long period of financial deprivation. Some of us were SO poor in the 70's and early 80's it HURT.

    What I say to Yellow Swordfish and everybody else is: misrepresenting the past and whinging is never a good idea. Live for today.

    And for fuck's sake quit being so sanctimonious and up yourselves!