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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gordon Brown Dictates Nuclear Power Stations For England, But His Own Constituents In Scotland Are Not Affected...

Since 2006, England has lived under threat of the imposition of a new generation of nuclear power stations being built across the country. It was bad enough when Blair, a PM elected in an English constituency, was leading the call, with the knowledge that Scotland, his homeland, would not be having them. It was bad enough when Alastair Darling, an MP elected in a Scottish constituency, was announced as being the man to "oversee the details". And I was stunned when it was announced laws would be changed in England to help prevent Local Authorities and environmental protesters being heard.

But Gordon Brown, our unelected PM, whose constituents up in Scotland will be unaffected by the new generation of plants, shows incredible arrogance in trying to push the plans through.

Take a look at the BBC.

This is truly shocking.

Personally, I am not in favour of nuclear power. The benefits may be great when all goes well, but side effects like leukemia pockets and the danger of a nuclear accident, outweigh the advantages to my mind.

But if a new generation of English nuclear power stations was the democratic will of the majority of people in England, and this was proven, I would be a lot happier.

Some say that the English WOULD vote for a new generation of nuclear power plants.

Fine. But they MUST be given all the facts and the OPPORTUNITY to decide.

More and more the Scottish Raj is showing just how arrogant and, I believe, unhinged its members are. The Raj's disregard for democracy in England on a number of fronts is sick, nothing more, nothing less. More and more so-called English MPs and the so-called "opposition" parties are showing just how anti-English or apathetic they are.

I make no apology for including again the Times Chernobyl cover from 1986. Nuclear power is a serious business.

The people of England must be allowed to decide.

See my 2006 post on the subject here.

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