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Friday, July 17, 2009

Lord Richard Of Ammanford: Let The People Of England Die For Want Of NHS Equality And Give Wales, My Country, More Money

The House Of Lords Barnett Formula Committee has made its report. Headed by a, we feel, bigoted, anti-English/England Welshman, the Committee comes up with some astounding cobblers:

"When the Committee considered a range of indicators of need it became clear that Wales and Northern Ireland have greater needs per head of population than Scotland and England – the current allocations made through the Formula give Scotland more funds, per head of population, than appears to be justified when compared to Wales and Northern Ireland and their needs."

And what does England get?

Health apartheid (more here) and premature deaths? We don't need medication, do we, Lord Richard?

Lower spending across the board? We don't deserve any better, do we, Lord Richard?

And what does Wales get?

Free prescriptions and lots more?

To make the English jealous, as Rhodri Morgan childishly squawked (more here).

Why on earth was, what appears to be, an English-hating Welsh racist appointed head of the Lords Committee on the Barnett Formula?

And as for saying Northern Ireland, which does best of all out of the odious formula, needs more money - good grief!

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