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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Co-Operative Supermarkets - Good With Food, Flying The Scottish Flag And Hating England...

Ooh, the Co-op! Another anti-English bunch of supermarket bigots!

Waking Hereward reports on their latest TV ad - in which the Saltire and the word "Scottish" is used to describe some burgers, but no word at all and the Union Flag is used for English sausages.

For the "great British barbecue", of course!


Read all about it and see the ad by popping over to Waking Hereward.


  1. Given that the co-op has democratic structures, I think it would be easy to rectify this situation, no? Become a member, lobby for change!

  2. Charlie, I'm afraid I simply don't have time for that sort of heavily localised lobbying. The Co-operative Supermarkets are one of many organisations in the so-called UK today which express a heavy Scots bias and therefore a heavy anti-English bias in refusing to treat the two nations equally. I have also seen Welsh dragon-emblazoned produce at my local Co-op. My way of "lobbying for change" across the board as far as the supermarkets is concerned is to expose such practices on this blog.

    I would also add that involvement with such an obviously biased organisation, despite its "democratic structures", does not appeal - even if I did have the time!