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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scots Are Not Celts...

Here's some bigoted twerp called Ben proving himself in a Telegraph comments thread:

How did English youth "learn" "hostile drinking" from "the Scots", Simon? Were there cells of subversive Celts hidden, mole-like, in every English pub, ready to spring into action as agents-provocateurs as eleven o'clock approached?

As usual, an interesting and sensitive article has been ruined by the inane bigotry of the Heffer-lump.

The pub is a glorious manifestation of Englishness; Hefferish bigotry is its disgusting and ludicrous dark side.

Celts? An ancient white tribe, surely? The Scots are all sorts - Anglo-Saxon, Pict, Asian, etc.

The "Celtic" ancient white tribe myth is the "disgusting and ludicrous side" to Scottish bigotry. And whilst we're at it, let's not forget Welsh and "Cornish" bigotry.

By all means defend the Scots, Ben, but the Celts were something else entirely. Largely a romantic invention of recent centuries some would say.

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