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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Deliciously Yorkshire (and Humber) - Out To Destroy Historic Yorkshire - And England, Of Course

As the historic county of Yorkshire heads towards abolition and absorption into a tinpot region of the EU, we take a moment to ponder: whatever would Amos and Mr Wilks have thought?

We all know that the North East voted 78% against regionalisation in a referendum, and that they were the only area of England allowed a say.

Which the UK Government then ignored and went ahead, breaking up England into nine regions, in consultation with the EU, on the old "divide and rule" principle.

And from that has come groups like "Deliciously Yorkshire" - the "regional food group" for "Yorkshire and Humber".

That fine old EU region.

"Use the local sourcing directory to find producers from across the Yorkshire region. The directory will help you to find fresh, local food and places to dine out," burbles "Deliciously Yorkshire".

But non of the daft twits leaping on to this particular band wagon seem to have noticed the "Humber" or "region" bit. Many would profess to be "proud" Yorkshire men and women, but few seem to know much about what Yorkshire actually is - an ancient English county, part of the ancient country of England - and what it is not - a bland region of the UK and EU.

What a bunch of wallies!

But the production team of the soap Emmerdale think that Yorkshire is a region:

Martin Radmall, from the production buying team of Emmerdale, which is filmed at Harewood, said: "The Emmerdale farm shop will have similar messages to the regional food group, such as supporting local producers and products and buying seasonal, local food. We're very pleased to include such high-quality products from the region; the Emmerdale families will be spoilt for choice."

So there you are, Yorkshire is a region. Emmerdale says so.

Remember, don't buy English (the Scots and Welsh support buyers nationally in Scotland and Wales, but we don't as England doesn't formally exist). Don't support Yorkshire either - it's being dissolved into one of nine EU regions in what was formerly England. No, support "Deliciously Yorkshire (and Humber)" - another one of those groups dedicated to the abolition of the ancient country of England, and, in this case, the ancient county of Yorkshire.

Because Yorkshire and Humber is not Yorkshire.


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