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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Isn't "Land Of My Fathers" A Fine Example Of Welsh Racism? Plus BBC Bias And Edith Bowman And T In The Park - ENOUGH!

From the Daily Mail on-line:

Opera singer Katherine Jenkins opened the Ashes today with a rendition of Land of My Fathers.

Cricket chiefs chose the Welsh hymn as they feared that the mainly local Cardiff crowd would not get behind the home team.

The soprano performed to the sold out Sophia Gardens in a striking red dress. Her performance was followed by both the English and Australian National Anthems as well as the hymn Jerusalem.

Um, God Save The Queen is the BRITISH, not the English National anthem - just as relevant to Wales as to England - and isn't Land Of My Fathers a rather bigoted, exclusive hymn to be sung as a national hymn for Wales? After all, we know that the vast majority of migrants settle in England, but what about those who settle in Wales, for whom Wales is NOT the land of their fathers?

Today, I had the grave misfortune to listen to BBC Radio 1, which was asking Welsh cricket spectators what they thought. One of them put forth the opinion that "Wales is better than England".

Would the BBC have broadcast an English person saying that England is better than Wales?

But I feel all this is positive. The break-up of the dis-united Kingdom is coming, this has brought more attention to the facts, and just where a lot of the jingoistic, exclusive nationalistic stuff is actually coming from. Wales, in this case, preening exclusively, with both hands buried deep in England's pockets.

Hopefully the day is not too far away when Wales will truly discover what it is like to be a proud, historic nation - when it finally stands on its own two feet.

And the same for Scotland. I suffered Edith Bowman extolling the virtues of "Scotland's biggest music festival, T In The Park" about five times in a her BBC show, which runs for about three hours. With Ms Bowman it's usually "The UK's biggest this" or "The UK's biggest that".

And to think that the vast majority of people being forced to pay for her organisation live in England. Scotland is another jingoistic little nation, with its hands buried deep in England's pockets.

But on Radio 1, it's like England doesn't exist, or the station broadcasts gross anti-English bias and brainwashing such as that heard on The Surgery - when its Welsh presenter Aled came up with the bright idea that the English were not loyal to England, but to the (imposed EU/NuLabour) regions. The whole Surgery theme was that old familiar song "Aren't the English racists one-and-all?". That show was produced by Anna Bowman. Another BBC Radio 1 Bowman! Read all about The Surgery incident here.

But despite of, or probably because of all this, England is coming back.

Good luck to Scotland and Wales in the future.

And welcome back, England!

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