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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

BBC Radio 1 - The Surgery's Anti-English Special - One Last Thought...

Anna Bowman, executive producer of The Surgery:

It [The Surgery ] was never intended to discuss the complex political issues that you suggest should have been raised.

Aled, speaking on the programme: “Is it that the Regions of England are stronger than the country as a whole?”

The modern day "regions" are an artificial political construct of recent years which were roundly voted against by 78% of voters in the North East (the only area allowed a referendum) and still have no mandate from voters. All modern day regionalisation in England has, in effect, been done against the will of, and without any mandate from, the people of England. Yet, Aled suggests that the regions are an established fact, perhaps stronger than the country of England itself?

This would be good news from the viewpoint of:

1) A Little Walesian

2) The BBC - keen to see the abolition of England through Balkanisation.

So, complex political issues (and dictated regionalisation is a little complex, isn't it - much as the BBC toadies to the Government and follows its dictates to the letter?) are allowed so long as they are presented as being good, wholesome, and in all ways better than equality for England? Oops, sorry, I mean any recognition of that monstrous place beginning with an 'E'?

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