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Friday, February 13, 2009

Yvonne Davies of Sandwell Council - A Problem With St George - Is She A Racist (And Sexist) Herself?

Racist and sexist? - Yvonne Davies.

Oh no! Another anti-England English council emerges! Councillor Yvonne Davies, representing Hateley Heath on Sandwell Council, West Bromwich, has deemed the area's St George's Day celebrations "racist". The event apparently creates an "unhealthy atmosphere" and causes young boys to be racist (note - not girls - in Ms Davies' eyes girls seem to be above reproach so she's obviously highly sexist).

"It is not only the parade which is the problem, but the tribal excitement it creates," she chirrups. But it appears problems have been minimal and surely it's the job of the local police to keep order? But Ms Davies' colleagues have backed her and financial support has been withdrawn. There are other plans afoot, but there is no doubt that getting rid of England's biggest St George's Day parade is something of a coup for the "let's enforce regionalisation and break England into pieces - and bugger the electorate" New Labour crowd.

Actually this event, which has been running since 1998, is totally inclusive and all English citizens, regardless of race, origin, creed or colour are most welcome to attend. In fact, some of the organisers say that the event has helped to claim the Cross of St George from racists. But actually it was never in their hands. The BNP flies the Union Flag and is British. The Scots, English and Welsh flags all feature at their rallies, but the Union flag is always the centre piece and is part of their logo.

The odious British National Party logo features the Union flag. Yvonne Davies has no problems with this flag - but she is totally opposed to the Cross of St George.

What's Ms Davies' problem? Does she see the anti-English attacks in Scotland and Wales - as we witnessed most recently with Lucy Newman - as a problem? No, apparently not. Does she see health apartheid, the West Lothian Question and the Barnett Formula as a problem? No. She simply sees large numbers of people, of any race or colour, gathering together to celebrate England as a problem.

And let's face it - that threatens the Divide And Rule tactics of New Labour and the very existence of the gravy train Ms Davies and her undemocratic kind ride.

Yvonne Davies, you are the one with the problem. You appear to be racist, self-serving, patronising and dictatorial. Just four of the words which spring to mind.

Lucy Newman attacked in Scotland by a Scot for being and sounding English. Yvonne Davies is also determined to stamp out any manifestations of Englishness in her area of England.

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