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Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Snooping...

A DNA Database, containing the DNA of millions of innocent people. CCTV cameras following our every move. Alarming new powers for the police. Databases to watch our travelling arrangements. And now our e-mails, web activity and phone calls are also to be studied. Even your local town hall will have access. Which makes things rather alarming for sites like this, which campaign against the dishonest capers of Government organisations like these. What excuses will be found to close down blogs like this, and persecute their owners?

Welcome to Orwell's 1984.

I had a very disturbed night last night - sometimes things get to me, and last night, in the wee, small hours, I was frightened. Frightened of this dishonest and authoritarian government. Frightened of the lack of an effective Opposition. Terrified by the EU monster. Scared witless by CCTV and Databases.

I slept a broken, fitful sleep. When I awoke this morning, I stepped into the garden to breathe the air and try to restore some sense of well being. My neighbour appeared, on her way to work, and stopped for a word. Feeling it my duty to spread the word, I told her about my disturbed night, my fears about the Government and the surveillance state.

She looked at me with polite interest, then said:

"Ooh, it's terrible to have a bad night. I had this dream the other week - I was on this coach in Great Yarmouth and Jerry Springer was sitting right behind me..."

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  1. The Justice for England demo we organised 2 years ago was a good case in point. We were followed by 2 Landrover Discoveries, both filled to the gunwales with cameras and cameramen. Some were in uniform, some were plain-clothed. They all snapped away for all they were worth. When one of us went up to them to ask what they were doing, they were told to sod off. We tried to take pictures of THEM - and they certainly didn't like that either. Next came a battalion of 'reporters'. I thought it was strange, they sort of all arrived at the same time and set about interviewing all the organisers.

    This woman came over to me - before she asked me any questions she insisted on getting my name and address. There must have been around a dozen of them - including their snappers. And then they all disappeared.

    The very strange thing was that the demo was not reported by anyone in the media. It got absolutely no coverage, not even in the local Metro. I have no doubt at all that in some MI room somewhere there is a file with my name on - and those photos within...

    In fact, I am willing to bet that your post and this comment will be scrutinised, copied and filed away before the day is out.

    In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there was an entire section dedicated to the activities of the Witanagemot Club and its members.

    Smile, we're all famous!!!!!