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Friday, February 27, 2009

Jacqui Smith - Hitler In Knickers, And The DNA Database Again...

Despite the European Court of Human Rights ruling against the UK DNA Database, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has decided that thousands of innocent people will remain on the Database. See the Guardian article here.

Just to give some comfort and joy, here's how one man ended up on the Database.

A good friend of ours, in his 40s, and like ourselves a care worker with a totally clean police record, was accused of "hitting" a neighbour on the arm. Nobody witnessed it. No marks were left. Of course, our friend denied the charge - and the neighbour is well known in his local community as a trouble maker.

But our friend was arrested. He denied the accusation, no further action was taken, but our friend's DNA was taken and is now on the Database.

And that's just one example of how innocent people find themselves on the Database. In a democracy, there can be no excuse for arresting people and retaining their DNA on hearsay. And anybody could find themselves in exactly the same situation. Just accuse somebody you dislike of hitting you on the arm and see what happens to them. This should not be happening. And there is no excuse for retaining DNA already taken. If anything, victims of this abomination should be granted compensation for the trauma they have been put through.

All this is at the behest of Jacqui Smith, whose own good character was recently called into question.

Democracy in England is dead. And we are ruled by people, like Ms Smith, who are evil. No more. No less.

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