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Friday, February 06, 2009

Jeremy Clarkson's Gordon Brown Insult - An Outrage - Anti-English Scots' Attack On Lucy Newman - Ignored!

There's absolute "outrage" today as motormouth Jeremy Clarkson has described Prime Minister Gordon Brown as "a one eyed Scottish idiot"! Watch the Great and the Good rise up in righteous fury, screeching "RACIST!", etc.

The same Great and the Good who ignored the recent physical attack on Englishwoman Lucy Newman in Scotland, which left her in possible need of facial surgery.

It's all a matter of priorities, isn't it?

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  1. Just been speaking to my friend who lives in Glasgow. She has a kid who goes to the local school - and as she and her son are both English, she decided last week to send him to school in his uniform rather than be dressed head to toe in tartan to celebrate something called 'Scottish Day'...(on Robbie Burns' Day I think).

    The kids were treated to a bit of Scottish history - and my friend's child came home to ask her which 'rightful heir to the throne had been hunted down and killed by the English?'.....

    It's no wonder that the English are getting beaten up when such medieval drivel is being pedalled to young minds in schools....

    BTW, she told me they are all going ape about Clarkson's comments. Local radio stations are being besieged by angry Scots outraged at the Top Gear presenter's statement....

  2. Being half-Scots myself, I find the attitude of certain members (actually the majority) of my Mum's family quite terrifying! But the Scots' bigoted hatred of the English is never challenged by the mainstream.