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Monday, February 02, 2009

The Recovery Approach, The Audit Commission, Supporting People And Primary Care Trusts

Our recent posts about the Supporting People organisation, and "The Recovery Approach" to care and support, have aroused much interest.

Carol writes:

The Audit Commission, Supporting People and various business-orientated so-called charitable care providers have been having a field day with "The Recovery Approach" for about five years! It's a pretty nebulous set of ideas to assist in enabling people with mental health problems to live happy, and as far as possible, independent lives.

All well and good, but our dreadful UK Government, acting in England only, sees it as a means to make cutbacks. And "The Recovery Approach" is basically loosely interpreted and used as an excuse and a cover to remove services, such as 24 hour care, without consulting the service users.

The Recovery Approach as practised in England is an outright con. It's all about money, and all to do with abusing vulnerable people, unable to speak-up for themselves.

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