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Saturday, December 06, 2008

UNISON - The Anti-England Union On Devolution...

A friend writes:

Recently, I received my copy of the latest "U" magazine, which all of us subscribers to the UNISON public employees trade union receive periodically.

I'm a member of UNISON simply for my own protection. Under New Labour, the social care organisation I am employed by has become an absolute nightmare - interests of its staff and tenants seemingly off the agenda.

I've not been that impressed by UNISON. They've "dealt" with a couple of queries of mine, but I found the district organisers I have spoken to out of date, patronising, and, in one case, definitely sexist. I was a middle aged woman with a work based issue. So I was a neurotic.

Politically, it smells like it's still the 1980s within the UNISON Empire. I'm concerned about the effects of devolution, about the more Tory than Tory countenance of New Labour, but UNISON blithely goes on, supporting our undemocratic Government and basically keeping a completely outdated and inappropriate Red Flag flying at UNISON Towers, whilst backing a Government which is anything but Socialist.

Having received my copy of "U" recently, I decided to have a look through. The cover promised articles on:

Interview with new president Sue Highton,
UNISON at conference,
10 years of devolution,
pay matters

The "10 years of devolution" article interested me, so I found it and within minutes was tearing "U" into tiny pieces, absolutely outraged.

Of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, UNISON croons: "Devolution has proven to be a success, particularly for public services in these countries."

No mention of the Barnett Formula. No mention of health apartheid against the English.

There is a straightforward assumption that Scotland's culture is collective and England's is competitive. But corporate competition in England's NHS and social care services was foisted upon it by Scots MPs at Westminster, who voted in Foundation Hospitals for England against the wishes of English MPs. And just where is the constituency of "our" Prime Minister? And just what governing body regulates the Scots NHS and social care services?

The article also states that the Welsh Assembly "has to live with" the English introduction of student tuition fees. Once again, these were foisted on England by Scots MPs at Westminster, against the wishes of English MPs.

The article continued in similar vein, basically lying, scurrilous, absolutely anti-England/anti-English and frankly poisonous. England, which in reality has no constitutional existence at all, emerges as the baddie.

What on earth is UNISON doing? People can die in England for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland. Welsh residents have free prescriptions, regardless of wealth. And all this is made possible by the Barnett Formula, which basically ensures taxpayers in England have to pay more so that residents of the other nations receive more public spending than we do!

UNISON is no longer fit for purpose.

It's time to go back to basics - a new public employees' union, dedicated to equality and fair provision for all.

UNISON is a bloated, anti-England bigot of the highest order.

So, the magazine was shredded and soon resided in the recycling box under the previous week's Radio Times.

And I'm seriously considering letting my UNISON membership card go the same way.

“When our members are finding it difficult to put food on the table, petrol in the car and heat their homes, they want to know the government doesn’t just feel their pain, but is acting to alleviate their pain,” said UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis.

Labour has got to start remembering what it stands for, he said. Because, he stressed, “we want a Labour government, we want to win the next election, and we want to keep the Tories out.”

My goodness - did these sickeningly priggish individuals get dropped on their heads as babies or something? The Labour Party you visualise is long dead, you wallies!

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