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Sunday, December 07, 2008

BBC Radio 1 - The Surgery Anti-English Show - Concerns Raised Ignored!

We published this on 1/12/2008:

"From For England:

Channel hopping on the radio last night driving back from the cinema I stumbled across a show called “The Surgery” on BBC Radio 1 - ostensibly it’s an advice show for young people but last night it was in full blown British Brainwashing Corp propaganda mode. Where the topic of conversation was nationality and national identity.

Presented by Welsh chap called Aled who identified with being Welsh and a young lady and BBC careerist called Charlotte Aston who firstly described herself as English through and through but later denied her Englishness and identified herself as primarily British because her mates came from all over the “UK”.

This show stinks to high heaven - it is purest stinking anti-English racist bile!

I fired off an e-mail:

I was completely stunned at The Surgery piece on Englishness, Scottishness and Welshness yesterday. This came across as pure anti-English hatred.

Currently, the UK Government discriminates against every resident of England via the Barnett Formula and the lack of a dedicated national parliament for England is the reason that non-representative MPs can foist legislation onto England like top-up fees and foundation hospitals - both decided by MPs from outside of England whose own constituents will not be affected.

“Wow people just don’t say English do they? I’ve never noticed this before," said presenter Aled. “Is it that the Regions of England are stronger than the country as a whole?”

The only area of England allowed a referendum on regionalisation was the North East - which voted 78% against. And the people of England are force fed "Britishness" by the UK Government and the likes of the BBC. There is no chance of an inclusive, civic English identity being developed.

And yet people can die in England for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland - where spending is so much higher. And prescriptions are free to everybody, including millionaires in Wales, but poor folk in England struggle to pay the rising costs here.

The largest, most cosmopolitan country of the so-called UK is demonised and its electorate treated as second class citizens by the UK Government and the BBC. Just who are the racists?

Regionalisation - the Balkanisation - of England is a beloved project of the BBC and the UK Government.

Did you know that around 75% of the legislation passed by Gordon Brown's Government does not affect his own constituents in Scotland - which has its own national parliament? Is this democracy?

Back to The Surgery: Charlotte Aston falsely stated that the Cross of St George had racist connotations! This is a myth. The flag of the odious BNP is the Union Flag, this is part of their logo, and ALL the other flags of the UK are also flown at their rallies.

Charlotte Aston, having disowned Englishness, basically seemed to be inciting hatred against anybody defining themselves as English and flying that country's flag - obviously "racist"!

A caller claimed that Scots are referred to as "British" at sporting events and the English as "English". Have you looked at the BBC's own on-line material regarding the Olympics? The absolute reverse is true! This is brainwashing.

The BBC itself has reported on anti-English attacks in Scotland and Wales in recent years, and programmes like these which scapegoat the English as racist and spread anti-English propaganda should not be happening.

The BBC is racist. And charges of racism can be brought against those vilifying any particular nationality. The BBC is anti-English.

The Corporation also fails to address the various inequalities that devolution has heaped on England. I would like to make this a formal complaint. And all replies will be published on-line.
Yours sincerely,

Chris Abbott (half Scots/half English with a dash of German and probably various other influences but every inch an English citizen!)

You can hear the show here for the next week and For England also has it in rough .mp3 format.

Anti-English bile? Regionalist propaganda? The BBC continues to excel. If you wish to write to The Surgery the e-mail address is:

I'll keep you posted on any replies I get. And a big hat tip to For England! "

And so far the BBC has totally ignored us. We just don't count, do we? We're simply there to provide the vast majority of the funding so that their anti-English "Brits", Little Waleans and Little Scotlanders can hiss venom at us.

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