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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Church Of England Out, Halal Meat In

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. The smirk says it all.

Well, it looks like New Labour is about to bring an end to the centuries old link between the Church of England and the State. Smirking Welshman Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is, of course, no fan of such an English institution and has been working from within to weaken it for years. Another traditional English institution moved off-stage. Mr Williams says: it would be “by no means the end of the world if the Establishment disappears”. And he's the Archbishop of Canterbury! Read more here.

There are of course, complex issues - more than I have time to go into here - but I cannot help feeling uneasy at this move, although I am not myself religious.

I suppose, thinking back to the Christian assemblies and teachings I had at school, I did and do derive some stability from them. And I was not uninfluenced by Christian teachings about how to treat my fellow ... er... person, etc.

Nowadays it's as though Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, etc, are all to be respected and recognised as such, whilst the traditional religion of England, Christianity, is bored down into almost nothingness.

But New Labour, of course, is committed to the destruction of England, whilst wittering on about multiculturalism, etc, and stating that one religion should not take precedent over another.

Is that why some state schools are removing pork from their menus and serving Halal meat, making the change it seems without consulting the parents?

I have nothing against Muslims, the Muslims I know are perfectly nice people.

But I do have a difficulty with State institutions like schools imposing what I and many others regard as inhumanely killed meat on our schoolchildren for the sole benefit of a minority religion.
Wonko reveals that Sikh parents are also unhappy - read it here.

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