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Sunday, December 07, 2008

BBC Radio 1 - "The Surgery" - Another E-Mail - Will THIS ONE Be ignored, too?

Here I go again, if at first I don't succeed...

You seem to have ignored my previous e-mail voicing my concerns about the The Surgery inciting hatred against English flag wavers by stating - incorrectly - that it is the flag of the hateful BNP - and by anti-English bigot Aled hosting a show in which the Welsh and Scots were portrayed as perfect and the English as racist heathens.

It was a show which also ignored the many acts of discrimination passed against the people of England by the UK Government - including health apartheid and the continued ignorance of calls in England for a national parliament on a par with Scotland. A BBC poll proved the majority demand this -

The BBC, with its demonisation of the English and England, and continued "British" brainwashing in England (but not in Scotland and Wales) is now far from democratic. I have written about your attitude - and request some coherent reasoning and an apology for your behaviour.

Inciting hatred against a UK sub-nationality is surely not part of your remit?

Don't forget, you can write to The Surgery at:

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