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Sunday, March 16, 2008

David Cameron - A Racist Himself!

David Cameron - racist slime.

David Cameron has, quite rightly, condemned the BNP, but is guilty of a form of racism himself. Against every man, woman and child in England.

David Cameron does not have the Barnett Formula or West Lothian Question on his top five list of priorities, and as for health apartheid - he doesn't even mention it. Dying in England? Well, the Union comes before your life.

Quote: "I would rather have an imperfect Union rather than some perfect constitutional construct that would threaten the Union."

And Mr Cameron has also been revealing his Scots jingoistic natire, informing us that his maternal grandmother's family:

"...were Scottish Empire builders - conquered all sorts of parts of India, I think."

Note, not BRITISH Empire builders, but Scottish. Read the full article here -

and more WENAP material on it here -

David Cameron tries to fool us into believing that he is English. He is not. Nationality is largely a state of mind. He actually does not care for the English at all. He can't possibly - or he would be up in arms about the fact you can die in England for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland, or that prescriptions are free to millionaires in Wales but in England they are soaring and many of us can barely afford them, whilst not qualifying for any financial assistance.

David Cameron talks of the "Scottish Empire" and flags up his own apparently mixed UK origins, saying we must all be British, whilst accepting that in Wales and Scotland people can also be Welsh and Scots and have their own national representative bodies and higher spending.

For those desiring parity in England, David Cameron has nothing but contempt: "Sour Little Englanders!"

David Cameron is just as bad as the British National Party and Gordon Brown. David Cameron sits by whilst people in England die for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland and muddies the water as best he can to prolong the disparities. To keep England as the poor relation in the UK.

David Cameron has no room to go talking about the BNP. The man is a hateful, racist muddier of facts himself.


  1. The UK was formed by the Union of England and Scotland legally. Wales was already a principility, the history with Ireland since is a joint venture.

    It was never stated that Scotland could regain its parliament (the original Act states one parliament forevermore in the UK) and that England could be dissolved.

    The so-called "British" Union creates a racist elite in Scotland and Wales. Why do we need it anyway? We already have the EU - and a lot of us don't want that either.

    What gives modern day politicians the right to re-establish separate political recognition for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, give them each higher spending, and destroy England by turning it into separate regions?

  2. "Jingoistic" is the right word: Mr Cameron talks of EVERYBODY being British, just how important the UK is, more important than resolving issues like health apartheid and the West Lothian Question, but then refers to the "Scottish Empire". The Empire was a joint venture of England, Wales, Ireland (the whole of Ireland) and Scotland. Nowadays it's often thought badly of, and most of the blame is heaped on England.

    Who is Cameron trying to appeal to? Jingoistic Scots?

    As soon as anybody says anything even remotely nice about England, they are accused of being racist and "jingoistic".

    But here's Cameron spouting off about the "Scottish Empire". The fact that he is anti-English speaks for itself.

    As does the fact that he's a rabid Little Scotlander.

    Wake up, Tories - boot the racist bastard out!

  3. Cameron is nothing but a cheat and a racist