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Monday, March 10, 2008

We Are The Celts! Cry The Little Scotlanders, Waleans, etc...

One of the most ridiculous examples of racist double standards in the UK today is the idea that the English are a mongrel breed, unfit for national recognition, and the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish are "Celts" - frightening notions of ethnic and genetic purity!

It often reveals itself in the cries of Little Scotlanders, Waleans and even the "Cornish", though we've not yet come across it to any degree amongst Irish people of our acquaintance.

In this CEP thread -

- you can read the thoughts of a regular participant, a Scot, who calls him/herself "Alba" and dreams of the day when the "Celtic nations" beat the English at football.

Very strange. The people behind Our Kingdom, meanwhile, determinedly anti-fascist (and anti-democratic) when it comes England, don't turn a hair at the notion of Celtic ethnic purity in the other UK nations.

English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish are nationalities, not races. And as the notion of an Anglo Saxon population in England is debunked and ridiculed, surely the same should apply to the primping, preening "Celts", with all their special priviliges in the modern day UK - you know, life prolonging medications, free prescriptions, etc, etc?

Not racist that sort of thing, is it? It would only be racist if it was the people of England who were enjoying the benefits, and not those in Scotland and Wales.



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  1. Whenever I get into a conversation with a braying Celt, I always like to tell them that if they insist on calling themselves Celts then they obviously must take the genetic baggage as well...

    It's superb to tell them that they are immigrants (they like to say they have been here since they place was created) - and when they came over, they violently suppressed the indigenous ancient britons...... The best bit of all though is telling them where they originate from - modern Syria.