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Monday, December 10, 2007

Read Between The Lines: David Cameron hates England.

Here's David Cameron in the Daily Telegraph today speaking about his family background: "My father's side of the family by being Camerons are predominantly Scottish. On my mother's side of the family, her mother was a Llewellyn, so Welsh. I'm a real mixture of Scottish, Welsh and English. Her grandmother's side were Scottish Empire builders - conquered all sorts of parts of India, I think."

WHAT?! "SCOTTISH Empire builders"?! I thought we were all supposed to be BRITISH?! Mr Cameron certainly reveals his true Little Scotlander motivation here.

Mr Cameron seems to think that his mixed family background is a good reason why we should all be British. And perhaps why England should not have a parliament. But surely people in Scotland have mixed roots? And yet they have a parliament. And they call themselves Scots.

Mr Cameron again: "I would rather have an imperfect Union rather than some perfect constitutional construct that would threaten the Union." Roughly translated, this means that discrimination against the English is fine, so long as the Union is preserved. The well-being and fair representation of the electorate in England is NOT the priority.

On the funding issue he admitted: "Increasingly it looks unfair and increasingly people are questioning it. I say to English audiences of course the time will come when we have to look at it, but do not believe that there's some pot of gold here. It's not those perfidious Scots taking all our money.

"If you replace Barnett with a needs-based formula then Scotland will still get a large amount of money. Don't treat it as a big grievance."

I'm afraid a government dominated by Scots IS looking after Scotland at the expense of England. It IS a big grievance.

Cameron: "Point one, an imperfect Union is better than anything that threatens it. The Union always comes first. Point two, I always say to my party yes of course there are things that can upset you - like different spending levels, but remember, the Union comes first and don't blame the Union, blame the government. Third, I want to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom not England."

This last comment is an unacceptable thing to say. It's almost offensive. Will you award England its own parliament with it's own First Minister, then, Mr Cameron? Because that is what's required if the Union is to continue. And just WHY is the Union so essential?

Here's a quote from the article:

The question of money is what can cause most anger, with Scotland getting a higher share of public spending per head than England (although regions in the North of England do get higher spending than Scotland.)

Wrong. "Regions" in the North of England have far larger populations than Scotland's, but proportionally spending is much lower. England does not benefit from the Barnett Formula. It is not apportioned on a "regional basis" but to the "nations" of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the inference clearly being that England is not a nation. This paragraph of the Telegraph article is either lousy research or a downright lie.

Cameron - regarding the West Lothian Question: "It is something I would like to sort out. It would help add to constitutional stability and it needs to be done in a careful way. We haven't decided what path to go down but the Rifkind plan does not create two classes of MP. It is no good saying that the answer to the West Lothian Question is to stop asking it. We will be putting forward a plan for dealing with this issue."

It is amazing that Malcolm Rifkind is also a Scot, is it not? On an island of some sixty million souls, only five million of them Scots, that Mr Cameron selects a fellow Scot to deal with his party's approach to the English Question? How British you are, Mr Cameron!

Back to Cameron: "Think of 1940, Britain standing alone to defeat Hitler. Think of the proportion of the Armed Forces that were made up of Scots, Welsh and Irish." So what? That has nothing to do with modern day devolution issues.

Mr Cameron says of the West Lothian Question that it is "not one of his top five issues" - illustrating again how out of sympathy and out of touch with the electorate in England he is. Remember, this is the man who called those of us demanding parity with Scotland "sour Little Englanders", the man who went to Glasgow and slagged the English off, whilst making bizarre statements about the greatness of Scots.

My advice to the Tories is ditch him. David Cameron is an anti-English Little Scotlander who is hiding his motives behind "Britishness" just as much as Gordon Brown is.

He won't get you elected and will simply cause further rifts in your beloved Union with his ridiculous, barely concealed anti-English nonsense.

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  1. Everything is in flux! We'll be around when the tables have turned on these dirtbags. Lets see them then. I can assure you Wannabe "celt" Cameron wont be seen for dust. Brown? We already know that he's a yellow belly!
    As for idiot Cameron slagging off the English whilst in scotland, how come he didnt come round me gaf and tell me to me boatrace? I will send my address to him and he come tell me to my face. Likely story ah? Look at Cameron. He is that arrogant he thinks he can flout the law. It is a real shame that he didnt have an "accident" whilst riding his pee wee herman pushbike the wrong way down a one way street.