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Monday, March 10, 2008

Peter Facey

Peter Facey and "Unlock Democracy" are both heartily endorsed by the chattering classes.

Peter Facey and "Unlock Democracy" are however very puzzling entities indeed.

How do we "unlock democracy" without giving England parity within the UK - and devolution has been awarded on grounds of nationhood elsewhere?

Mr Facey, and therefore "Unlock Democracy", believe that the current Governmernt should carve England up into regions and that it should be subsumed into the UK.

That England should exist no more. And that it should be at the behest of our current corrupt and non-representative political elite.

Surely, England needs a representative national parliament and THAT should decide how England is governed internally? Not according to Mr Facey.

It's illogical. It's the sort of thing that should Joe Bloggs say it, he would be snorted at derisively. But because Mr Facey has the "right background", the chattering classes allow him to chunter unchallenged and believe that the man probably has a point.

"I couldn't have debated well enough," said one person who had spent time debating the English issue with Mr Facey on the more-than-slightly twisted "Our Kingdom" site the day before the Justice Committee hearing.

But Mr Facey does not debate. He gives no replies, no good reason for his anti-English stance.

Pop eyed, defensive body language at the Justice Committee, an absolute refusal to see what democracy MEANS and a site called "Unlock Democracy". How logical is Peter Facey? How democratic? And just what is behind his bizarre mindset?

But the man has the "right background" so gets away with it all, virtually unscathed.

Who said the class system is dead? Why doesn't somebody tell this man that unless he can back up his opinions with logical arguments, he is doing nobody any favours?

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