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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gordon Brown Says He Feels Your Pain, But Sadly He Inflicted Most Of It!

In an exclusive interview in the Sun today, Premier Gordon Brown tells us he feels our pain as we cope with soaring household bills. But trust in him, he will see us through.

This is the man who cut the capital budget of the English NHS from 6.2bn to 4.2bn in one of his last acts as Chancellor. Of course, the budgets of his own country, Scotland, and the fellow "Celtic" nations of Wales and Northern Ireland were unaffected - read about it in the Financial Times - here.

This is the man who this very day was standing up in Parliament talking about "nations and regions". You know the nations - Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You know the regions - fragmented areas which once constituted a nation called England.

Mr Brown feels your pain when you're dying in England for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland. He feels your pain when you are digging deep for money to pay for soaring prescription costs - free to everybody, including millionaires, in Wales.

Actually, Gordon Brown does not feel your pain.

Gordon Brown is a self-serving, racist, anti-English LIAR.

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