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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Alba" Comments...

Alba has long frequented the CEP News Blog and others, expressing his view that it's the British who are at fault in the devolutionary debacle and that Scots as Scots have no share of the blame. After our post yesterday, Alba popped in this morning to air his views. Here they are, and our replies...

Alba: What a lot of racist, spitting, vitriolic garbage.

Us: Why? We're saying that English, Scots, Welsh and Irish are nationalities, not races and that the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish are no more Celts than the English are Anglo Saxons. Why is that racist?

Alba: Here's a few points for you, racist.

Us: Once again, why? We're not talking about "Celtic nations" as you do. We accept each nation of the UK as being multi-ethnic.

Alba: - I don't 'dream' of the day about football victories [unless you've managed to get that from the mail??

Us: You seemed to be relishing such a prospect.

Alba: - I'm not anti-democratic. I'm very much on your side - seen this morning's headlines? Now THAT is scary.
- I've no idea where you get off saying I am downing Anglo-Saxon England? Is this a sideways comment to your white racist supremest thoughts about immigration?

Us: Eh? We stated that English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish are not races but nationalities. You were the one banging on about the "three Celtic nations". We don't believe that England IS Anglo Saxon and stated that clearly.

Alba: - Scotland doesn't get free prescriptions, although it may come later. I didn't make devolution and I don't need to be lectured on post-devolution imbalance. That's not a Scotland/Wales/England thing as I've told and explained to your THICK head a dozen times. It is a BRITISH problem and it is the UNION and the plate spinning therein that's to blame.

Us: We were talking about your definition of "Celts" - the Welsh get free prescriptions and Scotland is discussing the idea, the NHS in Scotland provides life prolonging medication not available on the NHS in England. The Prime Minister is not accountable to the English electorate, he was elected in Scotland and a lot of his policies do not affect his own constituents. He also signed the Scottish Claim Of Right, and has recently been proclaiming himself as being "as Scottish as Alex Salmond."

Alba: - You come across like a four-year-old and are something of a political joke.

Us: We find that the blogosphere seems to have a lot of sites which are excellent for academics and the educated; some of these sites seem to be anti-English (like Our Kingdom) whilst professing to be neutral. It is our aim to plug a gap in the blogosphere by giving our views as common-of-garden, non-academic nurses and care workers. We don't claim to be anything even remotely clever.

The blogosphere has room for all...

Alba: - 'Nationalities' are great, until those nationalities are rendered as 'regions'. And I'm afraid Scotland has a greater chance of such steam-rolling for different reasons to the problems that act as a catalyst for a 'changing England'.
- Numptie.

Us: And throughout all this, Alba still seems to think he and the Scots, Welsh and Irish are "Celts". We've no more to say.

Replies by: DREW & FIONA


  1. Alba says you are white, racist supremicists for challenging his assertion that Scotland, Wales and Ireland are "Celtic" and for also stating that English is a nationality, not a race!

    As with the PC crowd, there's no logic with the likes of Alba!

    The "Celtic" thing still runs rampant. And it is hard to know what the inequalities are based on if it's not some notion of pure bred Celtic superiority.

    From the outside, it could certainly be perceived that way. Lavishing more money, better political representation, etc, on certain areas of the so-called "UK" because they are "nations" is a racist concept.

    And to top it all here in England we have the likes of Neil Harding stating that England is too mongrel to warrant democratic representation!

  2. If I wasn't living through these times I wouldn't believe they were true! Gordon Brown's "nations and regions" mantra stinks of inequality at the very least, and the Campaign for an English parliament has no teeth. As usual, the English are too foppish and pathetic when it comes to fighting their own corner.

    And I want ye to! But yer all such assholes!

  3. You say that you are not academics and that's O.K., but the trouble is the majority of English Parliament-favouring blogs and sites ARE.

    There aren't enough sites which simply look at the issues so as to engage the interest of the casual surfer. Most blogs assume prior knowledge of the issues, and a certain level of academic attainment.

    I don't think that the concept of England will last. At the moment, quite a lot of people are exercising their clever minds on a number of dedicated sites and blogs about the "English Question": we have the self-loathing English; the English-loathing people who profess to be English but are not; and a lot of wafflers. O.K. there's the Blog of Kev, Tommy English, Wonko and Alfie, but how many other blogs are trying to reach out to the un-informed? How many blogs come across as really giving a shit about the subject?

    It's all cold, polite "Of course England should have a parliament, old chap!" type stuff.

    Democracy will return to England but it won't be because of the CEP (which is crap) or the likes of yourselves. It will be because the poor people of England, the people the government and your average English blogger don't cater for, rise up and demand equality.

    Whether these people choose to retain the name England or to be known as the English remains to be seen. I think it's doubtful. The English name is not one to be proud of.

    It is academic snobbery and political elitism that is killing England. It's always been on the cards.

  4. Alba: "three Celtic nations"?

    No, the Celts (whoever they were - the ancient Britons were a mixture)were definitely white, but you don't have to be white to be Scottish, Irish or Welsh. And of course you don't have to be white to be English.

    So yes Alba's "Celtic nations" is a racist assertion. People need to sort out ancient cultural influence and modern day reality.

    We're not a bunch of ancient tribes, untouched by incomers.

  5. Junior:
    "The English name is not one to be proud of"

    And despite all your flowery rhetoric that one sentence shows your true colours.
    I am extremely proud to be English! My kids weren't born in England; they are English! What can you do about that? Nothing. You see, when you attack a whole nation they end up reacting. If you lot had used your brains....oh now that was a rather stupid statement! Do you have any? Brains that is. Attack us all you like it only makes us stronger.
    Like i've stated, coercion works!

    Isn't it like that piece in the daily rag today going on about there not enough black football managers. How many black managers are there in other sports in other countries I wonder? Why is England picked on again? It's all part of the anti-English agenda.
    And before any pc plum starts slinging the ridiculous "you're a racist" label about, I don't have a problem with black football managers. I am asking why the country of England is labeled as not having enough black managers. What about Italian football? I dont remember seeing one black manager on the sidelines. What about the republic of ireland? Infact, how many black football players has Italy or Ireland had down the years? Not many that I can remember! What about Arrigo Sacchi, the former head coach of the Italy national football team?
    Sacchi never played football professionally, and before becoming a coach he was a shoe salesman!! A shoe salesman?? Surely Sacchi would make a much better story than why Paul Ince isnt Arsenal manager?
    Oh and yeah Alba, I havent seen any black scottish national team managers! Why not? Why dont scotland make Trevor Macdonald manager? He's black, he's scottish, and he beats a shoe salesman!

  6. Whatever you do, whatever you do - just make sure that you never, ever get into a comments conversation with a bloke called 'Global Traveller'. He's Scottish with a chip the size of Ben Nevis on both shoulders.

    He analyses everything that is said - and makes fatuous remarks by the bucketload....

    He makes Alba look like Roy from Corry.