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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Education Spending Is Much Higher In Scotland Than In England, Reports The BBC. But It Only Tells The Scots. And Then Andrew Castle Tells Lies...

The BBC reveals...

Each school pupil in Scotland receives hundreds of pounds more in education funding than those in England, figures for 2005/06 have revealed.

Almost 12% more was spent on primary school pupils north of the border compared with those in England.

At secondary level, the rate of spending was 24% higher in Scotland.

Bizarrely, the BBC seems to think that this news is of no interest in England! It is only reported on the BBC Scotland page -

Surely it's in the English public's interests to know? But no, reported in Scotland it encourages loyalty to the "Union" - another example of unfair advantage; reported in England it encourages parents to ask why their children are second class citizens.

And the BBC wouldn't want the people of England discovering the truth and wanting a fair deal, would it?

Perhaps the news explains this other BBC Scottish education story -


There was a report on the BBC Lunchtime News. It was absolutely amazing propaganda. The piece made out that the stupid English actually choose to fund their education system lower and that Tuition Fees were decided by English MPs, not Westminster MPs representing Scottish constituencies, overturning the will of our elected representatives. The Barnett Formula was not mentioned. "It's up to the English what they spend their money on," said one sniffy and highly superior Scot.

The whole report, by education "expert" Andrew Castle, was a downright lie, seeking to cuckold. The BBC is getting worse.