Assisting The Electorate To Wake Up To The UK Government's Discrimination Against The People Of England.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The CRE and Environment Agency - Discrimination Against White English People Is OK - And You Have To Be "White Other" To Be Scots, Irish Or Welsh

The Environment Agency and the Commission For Racial Equality believe that the Scots, Welsh and Irish are distinctive "white other" ethnicities, not inclusive nationalities, and the white English should not be applying for this.

Positive Discrimination, which came rumbling out of the "groovy", "liberal" 1960s, has become a very ugly beast indeed.

It is odd, isn't it - because if you look at census and other government forms you will not find "English" - white or otherwise - listed by any of their tick boxes. But we do exist when they want to discriminate. And there's nothing "positive" about it.