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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Pink Jack - Variation On An Imperialist Theme...

"The Pink Jack symbolises a new spirit we see in Britain today, one of positive integration, acceptance and inclusion." - cobblers.

Seems to me that the same bunch of left-wing, ignorant twits are running the gay scene as when I was on it in the 1980s. Only difference is, now they’re endorsing a variation on a flag which represents elitism, imperialism and downright discrimination in modern day Yookay.

I wish I could say I’m surprised. But those organising this kind of crap live in a time warp and haven’t the foggiest idea what they’re actually doing.
Before anybody tags me as a "1980s gay Tory" let me point out that I was a vehement socialist back then, a time when it still had meaning. The trouble is you get tossers in every walk of politics and they usually float to the top of the pile.
The people behind the "Pink Jack" outrage will, no doubt, be insufferably pleased with themselves.
Many other people, better-informed about Gordon Brown's "Britain", will be horrified.
Hat tip to Toque.