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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Unmasking The English - More Anti-English Hatred From The BBC and "Proud Scot" Andrew Marr...

From the Daily Mail, WEEKEND magazine:

MONDAY - 3rd September - Unmasking the English, Radio 4, 9am repeated 9.30pm.

'Scotsman Andrew Marr and a panel of 'experts' trot out the usual cliches, in this first of a four part series on Englishness.

They soon draw the conclusion that the English are cold, calculating and much given to self-deprecation. He'd be pretty cross, and rightly so if Radio 4 dealt with the Scots in so cavalier a fashion'....

More anti-English racist stereotyping from the BBC at the behest of a Scot. Can you imagine Auntie making a programme portraying the Scots as tight-fisted, violent, anti-English drunkards?