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Monday, March 09, 2009

Jacqui Smith: Violence Against Women Is Unacceptable, But Who Gives A Stuff About Men? I Know, Let's Have ANOTHER Database!

I thought this Government was supposed to look after ALL our interests? Not so.

Earlier, Ms Smith told the meeting violence against women was unacceptable whatever the circumstances.

But violence against men is perfectly acceptable, eh, Jacqui Smith? Years ago, I knew a poor guy who was regularly beaten by his wife. On one occasion, she actually broke his nose with an unplugged iron. He daren't protest, daren't go to the police for fear of ridicule, daren't do anything. He experienced years of misery. But that doesn't matter, eh, Ms Smith? He's a minority (but don't you usually make a particular point of looking after minorities?), and he's male. The scumbag!

And now old Hitler in knickers wants to introduce another database to combat the problem! Oh, Jacqui, you controlling, sexist, power mad person, you!

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