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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BBC Anti-English Bruce Robinson Article Altered - But It's Still Anti-English!

The BBC British History on-line article about the Great Fire Of London has been altered after complaints -

With the country also at war with the French and Dutch, paranoid xenophobia - a familiar English trait - was rife.

"Of the period" has been inserted after "familar English trait". But this is still wrong to my mind, still anti-English. Did Bruce Robinson have a Tardis so that he could nip back and do an Esther Rantzen-style vox pop? And even if paranoid xenophobia was rife, surely it was not confined to the English alone in the world?

The article's better. But still not right.

1 comment:

  1. That won't do at all....

    I rang their editorial policy unit to complain - an office infested with plummy sounding bints with names like Bunty and Penelope...

    Their defence was to cite that it was 'of the time' - i then said that EVERYONE 'of the time' was similarly disposed to paranoid xenophobia.. I asked her if she could, in her wildest dreams ever see Scotland or Wales inserted where England was. I asked her whether she thought that the building of the great wall of China was built to keep hordes out in a xenophobic kind of way - or to welcome them in with open arms.... Bunty laughed a horsey kind of laugh.

    I told her it wasn't a laughing matter - and if things didn't change - and quick then I could see a massive licence fee non payment revolt happening in England...

    I felt that I was actually speaking to someone further up the greasy pole trail than those no marks in the call centres.

    If anyone wants the number, let me know. (But a word of advice - if you do ring them, tell them you are representing a body - like the CEP or similar - they will take more notice of you.)