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Monday, March 09, 2009

Jack Straw - Mr Anti-English/Anti-England: England Needs Watching Because The English Are So Violent...

Jack Straw, via Toque:

"Is big brother watching you? Are you – innocent and law-abiding – kept awake at night for fear that your door will be kicked in by agents of the state?"

Yes, if a good friend of this blog, a care worker in his early forties, with no police record, arrested on the piffling accusation of one other person, without witnesses, treated like a criminal at Parkside Police Station, Cambridge, released without charge, but now on the DNA Database for life (and, we suppose beyond) is anything to go by.

Jack Straw hates the English. He hates England. Remember this, from the BBC?

Home Secretary Jack Straw says the English had used their "propensity to violence to subjugate Ireland, Wales and Scotland" on the Radio 4 programme Brits.

(Click on red text for more).

The comment shows more than anything Jack Straw's contempt and hatred for England and the English. The fact that he sometimes attempts to muddy the waters by describing himself as "English" is simply a ploy. Jack Straw is British. Nationality is largely a state of mind in the UK and he is British. An English-hating, deceitful, slime-ball Brit at that.

But it seems that Mr Straw thinks the Police State, the loss of individual freedoms in England, is justified. Accept he will never admit there is a Police State. According to him, crime is falling.

Obviously making Orwell's 1984 reality and keeping the people of England, with their "propensity to violence" (the entire English population, according to Straw in his BBC quote) in a Police State, and then denying there is one, is justified.

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  1. It is truly disgraceful how all the major parties will NOT give us our own parliament.

    Would they deny this equality to any of the other nations in the UK? No.

    Would they DARE say any of the racist slurs they throw at the English, to any other race within our shores? No. They would be before a court, charged with a racial offence if they did.

    I would really love to hear a reasonable excuse for not giving the English National representation. I never will because there just isn't one. There is NO justification for treating one Country in the UK so contemtuously and unfairly. Why is the largest UK Country, England, treated as a second class Nation?