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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BBC Decides That Bruce Robinson Is Fine - The English Do Have Paranoid Xenophobia - Absolutely, Without A Shadow Of A Doubt!

All of us that have ever complained to the BBC recognise the pro-forma, with a few relevant points inserted just to show our pathetic protestations have been read, that the BBC sends out when rejecting complaints. And the Cross Of St George forum reports that this is just how they are treating the complaints about their designation of the English as paranoid xenophobics.

With the country also at war with the French and Dutch, paranoid xenophobia - a familiar English trait - was rife.

(click on red text for BBC British History article by Bruce Robinson)

So this trait is always around, but rife at certain times.

And it's peculiar to the English.

Can you imagine the BBC referring to the Scots, Welsh or Irish in such a way? Or indeed anybody else?

The BBC are once more treating the English - and England - with contempt, and attempting to incite hatred of anybody professing to be English.

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