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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Being British" - Gordon Brown At It Again!

Here's Gordon Brown pursuing his Britishness agenda again - this time in relation to the recession. He never misses an opportunity, does he?

From The Guardian:

Without a clear sense of national identity, "we give ourselves a false sense of who we are", said the PM. "We define ourselves by race or ethnicity – which would be a disaster for a country that has many people with different backgrounds as part of it. Or we just describe ourselves in terms of unchanging institutions, which would mean that we were frozen in the past."

Um, actually Gordon signed the Scottish Claim Of Right in 1989 - a pledge to put the people of his native Scotland first in all he did.

So, why is simply being "British" not good enough for himself and his own people, the Scots? Why did he pledge to put the Scots above the rest of the British? Also, "British" means, basically, English, Scottish or Welsh. It is a synthetic nationality born in the days of Empire.

I can't help wondering why Gordon Brown describes Britain as a "country" - it is not, it is a (so-called) union of countries, England, Scotland and Wales.

And English, Scottish and Welsh are nationalities - not races - so inclusive civic identities in each of those countries would not see people fragmenting into "race or ethnicity".

Gordon Brown is a Prime Minister without a mandate, representing a constituency in Scotland, which has its own parliament. This means that around 75% of the legislation his government passes does not affect his own constituents. Mr Brown is such a liar and twister. He fair takes my breath away.

The forthcoming BBC Radio 4 documentary on Britishness by the editor of the Spectator, Matthew d'Ancona, sounds like more New Labour propaganda, especially designed to keep the people of England under-funded - and under the Scotsman's thumb.

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